Independent filmmaking

As with any new business, a key to success is often to start small.

This decreases the risk, simplifies the process, and helps to ensure you see a return.

Low budget filmmaking has never been more possible than it is today, with cameras and technology cheaper than ever. This puts all of the tools of filmmaking at your fingertips.

The key is to create stories and characters that can be brought to life very cheaply.

Many great filmmakers have cut their teeth on ultra low budget films.

Films such as Paranormal Activity, Clerks and The Blair Witch Project have created a genre all of their own and proved it is possible for even micro-budget films to entertain global audiences.

There is nothing stopping Australian filmmakers from following this example.

Australia has the talent and the wealth to build a thriving independent film sector.​

Below is a list of the most profitable movies of all time.

Note: The costs in the table are ‘production costs’ only and do not include marketing costs

The production costs do not take into consideration marketing costs, which are often where low budget films stumble. However, low budget films are also among the world’s most profitable.

For independents with limited resources, micro-budget filmmaking is the way to go.

Most profitable movies

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